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Managing Partner/CEO

Dan Pearlman's independent leadership and three decades of successful marketing communications, management, and entrepreneurial, consulting and financial experience led to his founding Bob Wolf Partners/TPG, one of the nation's premier consulting firms to advertisers and their agencies. The firm, started in 1996, has focused upon all aspects of client-agency relationships including scope and quality of service, agency screening and review, organization planning, media management, compensation structure and negotiation  

Company Name :

Bob Wolf Partners / TPG

Location :

Los Angeles based with an office
  in New York

Corporation Type :

Subchapter S

Year Founded :


Ownership :

Dan Pearlman (100%)

Joint Venture Partner :

Joanne Davis Consulting, founded in 2000 and headquartered in New York City

Mission Statement :

Improve the effective mix and weight given to traditional advertising, social marketing, media management, public relations, interactive, promotion and other resources.

Services :

Provide best-in-class review, audit, compensation and other counsel to marketers, adding insight and perspective to every assignment.

Experience :

Collectively, the partners have over five decades of agency, client and consulting experience with some of the largest and most sophisticated worldwide companies/brands.


President – Joanne Davis Consulting Joint-Venture Partner

Joanne Davis founded Joanne Davis Consulting, Inc. in 2000. The consulting firm specializes in agency search and compensation management, client agency optimization and client training.Read more...

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Bob Wolf Partners/TPG helped us launch our on-line brand by finding us just the right advertising/media agencies that combined great consumer sensitivity with the ability to analyze/refine our campaign to optimize ROI.

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